Duties of Entrepreneurs

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The duties of the entrepreneurs are as follows:

(1) acting the business accord with business ethics;

(2) giving clear and proper information on goods or services;

(3) treating honestly and properly with non-discrimination to the consumers;

(4) guaranteeing the goods or services traded or produced based on stipulated standard and quality;

(5) providing opportunity to test on goods or services which require to test quality before purchasing;

(6) taking responsibility as guaranteed in respect of damage due to consuming goods or using services during the warranty period;

(7) taking responsibility as agreed terms and conditions if received or used goods by consumer are inconsistent with the agreement;

(8) complying exactly with the agreed agreement or promise in the agreement in doing service business;

(9) avoiding the saying, writing and acting to cause detriment on the relevant consumer by means of media or by other means while relevant person is settling the consumer dispute.