Functions and Duties

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The functions and duties of the Department of Consumer Affairs are as follows:

  • (a) to provide advices, recommendations and support to the Union Government in laying down and carrying out the policies of consumer protection;
  • (b) to survey for the safety of consumers regarding goods and services;
  • (c) to get the ideas of the consumers and distribute information through media for the interest of consumers;
  • (d) to settle the complaints related to consumer protection from the consumers, consumer protection organizations and other organizations;
  • (e) to conduct survey by collecting statistics related to consumer protection business and review these surveys and perform for the interest of consumers as may be necessary;
  • (f) to enable in order to form non-governmental consumer protection organizations, encourage the development of functions, and cooperate enterprises in accordance with the law of these functions;
  • (g) to communicate with the international organizations and regional organizations;
  • (h) to inform to the relevant department, organizations for enabling to prohibit goods that are unsuitable for consumption;
  • (i) to coordinate with the relevant Ministries and Organizations for enabling to form in accord with the specifications, if necessary, the standardization expert groups and laboratories of goods or services;
  • (j) to inform the entrepreneurs to protect the interest of consumers and carry out effectively their activities;
  • (k) to decide the appealed case on administrative penalty passed by the Consumer Dispute Settlement Body;
  • (l) to educate and cooperate with manufacturers, departmental officers and organizations in order to make market competition at the respective manufacturing in the sector of promoting standardization.