Director General, Department of Consumer Affairs, Ministry of Commerce

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     U Myint Cho, Director General of the Department of Consumer Affairs (Ministry of Economy and Commerce) was born in 1964 in Yangon. From 1981 to 1983, he learnt Mechanical Power at the Association of Government Technical Institute (Insein) and got AGTI(MP) Diploma. He holds Bachelor degree in Science (Physics) from the University of Art and Science (1984-1987).

         In 1985, he was a registered project engineer and factory manager in the project Division of the Myanmar Agriculture Products Trading and rice mill project and has more than 15 years of experiences in that field. During those years his best endeavors and excellent management , he became a winner of Management Excellent Award (Third Class) by the Government. He was progressively promoted as the Assistant general manager to Deputy Director General, step by step at the office of the Consumer Affairs Department and he was appointed as the Director General of the Consumer Affairs Department in 2021(NayPyiTaw).