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Household Electronic Materials Testing Laboratory

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      The aim is not to be a disturbance the trade of the nation as entrepreneurs who manufacture and import consumers’ daily used household electronics from the nation and other countries; not to be losses for the manufacturers within the nation; to be safety and secure for the public and to become developed living standards; to be deep-seated responsibility and accountability rules by following on the consumer protection business; to produce standard household electronics which have warranties for the safety and satisfaction of the consumers.
      Sub-Division of Engineering, Division of Information Technology Quality Management (ITQM), Department of Consumer Affairs is carrying out to open electrical laboratory in the electrical workshop, Ku-Toe-Sate Quarter, Mingalar Taung Nyunt Township in order to test whether electrical appliances within the market is qualified or not, standardized or not.
      Sample testing and recording on findings will be carried out by groups with the field-trip twice a month starting from May in order to test household electrical appliances from the nation and other countries whether it is relevant or not with specified qualifications and standardizations.      
      Illumination and Wiring Testing Groups will carry out testing whether electric wires which are imported and exported, quality of rubber coated, extension boxes, plug & socket, fuse, breaker, switches, bulbs, light, searchlight, LED bulbs, Spot Lights, chokes are qualified or not. Moreover, Household Electrical Appliances Testing group (1) will test whether household electrical appliances such as light stove, rice cooker, electric cookware, boiler, roaster blander and kitchen used electrical appliances can be used or not with qualifications and regarded warranty. Household Electrical Appliances Testing group (2) will test whether household electrical appliances such as electric flat-iron, kinds of fans, hair dryer, air cooler, washing machine can be used or not with the regarded warranty. Household Transformer and Motor Appliances Testing group will test whether electrical appliances such as motors, inverter, step up, step down transformer, various kinds of safeguards are relevant or not with the specification since the time of buying products and also correct or not with power use Household Gas Appliances Testing group will carry out whether refrigerator, freezer, air con’s starting ampere and running ampere are relevant or not and also make questionnaires for such one kind of model and different kinds of models whether control units are qualified or not. Customers, however, being security of gas used in electrical appliances is to protect environmental damages and also records will be carried out in accordance with the circumstances of the use of gas. For the specification on standardization of Myanmar household electrical appliances depending on findings and testings of household electrical appliances in the market, IECC (International Electro-technical Commission) and AHEEERR( ASEAN Harmonized Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulatory Regime) standardizations in order to be relevant with our country, relevant departments, institutions, consumer delegates, experts, importers, workshops that are cooperated with manufacturers from the nation will take part together.